Saturday, July 30, 2011

Death of a Nation

In America, born of hope for religious freedom, there can no more be total separation of church and state than there can be total separation of the soul and body of an American, short of death. To plead for separation of America's spirit and state is to plead for her death; and who of us, as Americans, will be guilty of requesting such self-inflicted demise?

As the Spirit of God indwells his children, so his church indwells this nation. To suggest—even to tolerate the suggestion—of something less, begs trial for treason against the very heart of America.

In truth, separation of church and state was never intended to protect the state from church involvement. Rather, it was intended to protect the church from state involvement—the very atrocity that drove our forefathers to America from their homelands. But somewhere and somehow along the way, that intention has been inverted to suit the diabolical goals of the enemies of America. And now, once again we find ourselves in a nation where the church is controlled by the state—the very crime our forefathers could not, would not, abide. And yet, many of our nation’s leaders today seem to abide the crime in apathetic contentment.

May God, who rules the world and this nation, whether or not acknowledged or recognized by unbelieving Americans, prevent his Spirit from being separated from his nation, whatever must be the cost to his children. As long as his Spirit dwells in the hearts and consciences of Americans, his church must dwell inseparably with the state of America.

If such separation be perpetrated by atheistic politicians, Old Glory will be finally folded to a three-cornered bundle, and the mournful wail of "Taps” will laden the stale air as America the Beautiful is laid to rest. Those pitiful notes will echo through history for all time to come as a benediction to something glorious that could have been. Only we can change tomorrow's history . . . today.

O God, please, bless America.

Mary Hollingsworth

Creative Enterprises Studio

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