Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Wonder

No Wonder

Today was my birthday, October 18. I was feeling blessed. Today my 93-year-old mom, who gave birth to me on that day many years ago, had difficult surgery. I was feeling stressed. It was an emotional seesaw. A roller coaster ride. A blessed-in-spite-of-stressed kind of day. And, oh, how I needed rest.

At the end of that long and tiring day, finally back home in my room, alone, I sat wearily in silence, staring through my picture window into the inky darkness, reviewing the day. I was grateful that Mom had come through her surgery so well. I was grateful that I had been given another year to serve and learn and share. I was grateful to the God of life and love for his unchanging care and sweet peace, no matter what.

As my eyes slowly adjusted to the deep-purple night, gradually I focused on a brilliant spot in the sky. A multifaceted gem. A shimmering diamond. And it dawned on me that it must be a new star in the sky. What else could it be? Although I sat looking out that same window at that same sky many evenings, I had never seen that astonishing star before. It twinkled, it glistened, it teased and winked at me.

Laughing at its black surroundings, the pretty star blew kisses of glory to the earth. Streaks of pinkish joy radiated from the star’s center, forming a halo of hope and beauty that reached out and gently touched the other stars around it. And an aura of angelic peace transformed the chilly autumn sky into a panorama of glowing warmth.

And then I remembered with bitter sweetness . . . my beautiful friend, Sharon, flew home to glory today into the waiting, welcoming arms of a delighted Lord, who danced and shouted, “She is home! She is home!” Her days of stress are over. Her nights of pain are gone. She is forever at rest. Forever without stress. Forever blessed

And smiling softly, I thought, Sharon has not left us. Not really. She is still here, giving us the same sparkling light, indomitable hope, and overflowing joy she has always shed on us. Some things never change. She never changed, no matter what. No wonder we are happy in the midst of our grief. No wonder there’s a magnificent new star lighting up the face of eternity. No wonder.

Mary Hollingsworth

October 18, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Laugh a Day Keeps the Psychiatrist Away!

Hallelujah! The baby has been birthed and is now ready to meet its public. I'm happy to introduce The One Year Devotional of Joy and Laughter, which has just released from Tyndale House. After almost two years in development, it's great to get to hold the book in my hands.

When Tyndale called and asked me to write one of their One Year branded devotionals, I was humbled and honored. But when they said they wanted a devotional based on 365 funny stories, I gulped, thinking, You've got to be kidding! They weren't.

Then, the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a great idea, and I got excited. Think about it: for the past three or four years, our world has been suffering from major depression due to war, the slouchy economy, ridiculous politics, terrorism, and other sad factors. Life has been the pits, right? So why won't a daily dose of humor and spiritual insight be a great remedy?

That's what you'll find in this unique devotional--365 funny stories that make spiritual points, combined with a related scripture and prayer. It's truly a great way to get your day started or to end the day on a lighthearted note. I pray that you will find it uplifting and will brighten your days as it draws you closer to the God of joy and laughter. Read it and reap!

A great gift for someone you love too!

Length: 400 pages Size: 6" x 9" Format: Softcover Price: $14.99 Blessings,


Available in "The Shoppe" (Adult Trade Books)