Monday, May 18, 2009

T-Shirts "Go into all the world"

Greetings! Okay, so have you seen the new Star Trek movie yet? Being a quasi Trekky, I loved it. I was especially pleased to see how well the casting director captured the features and look of so many of the old favorites in the faces of the new stars. I could almost see them growing older and actually becoming the personalities we've all known and loved through the years. The new Spock was particularly impressive, I thought. How about you?

I love all the Christian arts and the impact they can have--film, music, writing, drama, art, and others. A survey I read about this week by Kerusso showed that 98 percent of Christians wearing faith-based apparel want the message on their Christian T-shirts to be noticed by unbelievers. More than 56 percent said they had actually had an unbeliever ask about the message on their clothes. One statistic showed that 7.4 percent of unbelievers actually made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their savior from a conversation with a Christian T-shirt wearer. So let's get out those shirts, friends, and wear them with joy. Who knows what can happen? What do you think?

Meanwhile, I'm up to my neck this week with 60 sixth graders and their production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (junior version). So please pray for me!

Writing Myth #4: Quote Others Freely

Many writers seem to believe that quoting lots of other people makes their own writing better. And while an occasional quote can add power to a particular point, the key word is occasional. In truth if we want to read what others said, we can go read their works. We want to know what you think--that's why we buy your book or article. Don't mislead your readers by putting your name on the work, and then quote everybody else. That's a cheat! Write your own work, express your own ideas, develop your own platform. Or perhaps you should find something else to do with your life.

Live long and prosper!


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Writing Myth #5:

There's Nothing New Under the Sun

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MMadden79 said...

I think that people are getting the Christian message across to those who may never get told the story.

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