Monday, May 4, 2009

Let There Be Laughter!

Hello, friends. Well after a week of feeling like Noah on the ark, and our neighborhood pets lining up two by two along the street, the rains have finally run away to the east, and the beautiful Texas sun has emerged. Hooray! One of the positives of the rain--everything is emerald green here. It's dark green, lush, and feels damp like a New Zealand rain forest. And since our standard summer color here is brown, this is a real treat for us.

Today my new book, And God Said . . . Let There Be More Laughter! arrived from the publisher, Guideposts Books. This is the second volume, the first one being called (what else?) And God Said . . . Let There Be Laughter! They are both currently available in the product store at

I am, of course, extremely blessed and grateful that God sees fit to continue using my work to encourage others and for his glory. One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 115:1, which says, "Not to me, O Lord, not to me, but to your name give glory." I pray my work does that.

Your Editor: Sweet Dream or Worst Nightmare?

Many writers think their editors are their enemies. Wrong! Editors want your work to be as good as you do. Their jobs and their families' security depend on the quality of the works they edit. And most Christian editors are especially ministry oriented, wanting to help you help others, wanting to help you and your work lead others to God, wanting to touch lives and hearts through your work.

In truth, your editor is your best friend, working hard to be certain that your work is the very best it can be, eliminating anything that is inaccurate, and trying to ensure that your message cannot be misunderstood. Ask for their input and advice. Use them as sounding boards. Let them help you formulate and direct your work. Remember: editors can be much more objective about your work than you can. They can help you avoid potholes and pitfalls. Lean on them. Treat them with respect, friendship, and kindness, and you'll receive the same in return.



Next time? Myth #4: You Have To Write Every Day. Ha!

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Kathryn Bechen said...

Hi Mary,

Congrats on your new book! Hope things are going well for you. Best. Kathryn