Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Hole in One!

As managing director of Creative Enterprises Studio, I'm so happy to announce the upcoming release of Peggy (Mrs. Byron) Nelson's book, Life with Lord Byron: Laughter, Romance, and Lessons Learned from Golf's Greatest Gentleman. The book will release in Dallas on May 20-23 at the HP Byron Nelson Championship tournament--one of the regular stops on the PGA Tour.

Byron Nelson was, perhaps, the greatest golfer to ever play the game. And he still holds several world records— winner of 11 straight PGA tournaments, a total of 18 tournaments for the year, with a 68.33 scoring average—records that many professional golfers believe may never be broken. Sixty-five years later, no one has even come close so far.

Byron was a godly leader on and off the golf course. He is a great legend, and he was lord of the sport, often referred to as Lord Byron. He was the players’ player—the one they still try to emulate. He was the great Christian gentleman of the gentleman’s game. The standard bearer.

You’ve probably heard the astonishing stories of Byron Nelson, the golfer, sometimes called the "Father of the Modern Swing." Peggy's book tells the rest of the story—Byron Nelson, the man—as only she can describe him. You will also hear what many well-known professional golfers, friends, and family members say about him. Through them you will learn the secrets of Byron’s success, both in golf and in life. You might just find they work for you too.

Here's what some of the best-known golfers in history say about Byron:

I loved Byron Nelson as a friend, teacher, and confidant. His honesty and humility epitomized what is right with the human race.
– Tom Watson

My admiration for Byron Nelson has spanned my lifetime. I was always impressed with how he treated the game with such grace, dignity, and respect. All of the players looked up to Byron and what he stood for and what he contributed to our great game.
–Arnold Palmer

Byron told me to be good to the game and to give back. Byron himself gave strength in time of weakness, courage in time of fear, and love in time of doubt. He always gave his best.
–Ken Venturi

Here are some of the features and details of the book:

  • Foreword by professional golfer Scott Verplank
  • 5-1/2" X 8-1/2" softcover with French flaps
  • 16 pages of full-color photographs
  • dozens of stories and anecdotes about Byron that have never been told in print before
  • an inside look at Byron as Christian, husband, friend, stepfather, and grandfather
  • stories about his avocation as a master woodworker
  • tales about the romantic and fun-loving Byron
  • stories of Byron's powerful impact as a Christian man on the lives of others
  • a CD is also included in the back of the book entitled Byron Nelson Remembers 1945 on which Byron is interviewed by well-known sports writer Russ Pate. This one-hour CD features Byron reliving his 1945 streak of 11 PGA wins, tournament by tournament. You can hear Byron himself recall from memory each course and many of the holes he played, as well as giving tips and advice on how to play golf successfully.
  • 224 pages
  • $24.99 retail + S/H

This book is definitely a hole in one for Peggy, because she has accomplished her goal of allowing Byron's many friends and fans around the world to see that Byron was even better than his wonderful reputation, both as a golfer and as a man.

To pre-order a first-edition copy of the book, please visit the Creative Enterprises Studio product store by clicking on the link below. Books will then be shipped as soon as they are available in May.



P. S. Stay tuned for the announcement about the launch of the official Byron Nelson Web site too!

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