Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Colorado Dreaming!

My brother and his wife, Frank and Kay, left on Sunday for five wonderful weeks on the road with their fifth wheeler. They both recently retired from their jobs, so they are celebrating their freedom. They're wandering through Colorado Springs, Estes Park (my home away from home), Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Salt Lake City, back down to the Grand Canyon, and home to Texas. What fun! I'm not jealous or anything, of course, are you?

I love Colorado! When God created the world, I truly believe he must have spent some extra time on those mountains. It's such a glorious place. I'll just bet that somewhere on the base of one of those majestic peaks God signed his name as the Artist.

My friend Charlotte (see photo right) and I try to get to Estes Park for a week or two every couple of years. We just love having picnics by Fall River, shopping in all the curiosity shops in downtown Estes, watching the elk munching grass in front of the downtown library, going to outdoor concerts, eating at the Dunraven Inn (great Italian food, and there are dollar bills lining the walls and ceilings--fascinating!), having tea at the grand old Stanley Hotel (where the movie The Shining was filmed), and just breathing in the marvelous mountain air. Ahhhhhhh.

Sadly, this is not our year to go. Guess I'll just have to look at the pictures. Last week I took a hiatus from our series of writing myths in order to commemorate Memorial Day. So now, back to it!

Writing Myth #5: There's Nothing New Under the Sun
Perhaps, in some ways, this statement is true. There may be nothing new under the sun, but there are fresh, exciting ways to view the same old things and give them new life. What is new is your personal perspective on what's under the sun. No one else who has ever lived is exactly like you or has your same experiences. Those experiences change the lens through which you see the world. So the key to being a great writer is to be yourself. Don't try to be a copy of someone else. God took the time to make you unique, so use that uniqueness to glorify him in your own special way in your writing. Be creative like the Great Creator! Look for a new view. Stick your head through the hole in the fence and see what it looks like from the other side. Then you can debunk the myth! Have a wonderful week, friends. Blessings, Mary
Next time? Writing Myth #6: Vocabulary Is Everything CreativeEnterprisesLtd.com


Samantha said...

Mary, thank you for this blog. I'm a fellow writer and editor as well and love running across writers who blog. Thank you for sharing your tidbits of information. I actually just a wrote a post on using our gifts today so it was neat to see what you had to say.
Thanks again.

Mary Hollingsworth said...


Excellent! It's great to get to know you. Come back often.